We offer IDM training for Instructors who wish to teach divers how to use and IDM.  Please note the below information.

     1.    It is required that each Instructor have their own IDM in order to participate in the FSC.  If you already own an IDM then please bring it.  If you do not own an IDM you can rent one from PuntoSub for $25 per day.  PuntoSub will have several types of Ocean Reef IDMs available so you can try different masks to see which one you like best.  PuntoSub will also be offering discounted packages for Ocean Reef IDMs WITH communicators that you can purchase immediately after completing training.  If you decide to buy an Ocean Reef IDM while going through or immediately after completing training, then PuntoSub will apply 100% of your rental fees toward the purchase price.  

2.  You should plan on arriving in Mexico and be ready to go by 6:00 PM on Friday night.  Please allow sufficient time (sometimes as long as 2 hours) to get through Cancun immigration and customs plus another 45 minutes to travel from the Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen if the class is held in Playa.  It is highly recommended that you arrive at the Cancun airport no later than 2:00 PM on Friday.  If you decide to fly to Cozumel you need to allow time to travel from the airport to the port, then catch a ferry (45 minutes) to Playa del Carmen and from there, to get to your hotel. Again, plan on arriving no later than 2:00 PM on Friday, if possible.  Training will end about 6 PM on Sunday and you should not plan on flying Sunday night as you will have been diving Sunday afternoon.  If you have any questions please write to bob@scubabobphoto.com or complete the Contact form on this web site.

To learn about your Training Certifications please click Certifications.