If you are an Instructor and satisfactorily complete the Ocean Reef Factory Sponsored Course you can submit your diploma to your certification agency and obtain certification as an Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Instructor.  Some agencies will also offer (or may offer instead) a generic Full Face Mask Instructor certification.  You should check with your certification agency for their requirements and certifications.

     If you are a PADI Instructor you can obtain special certifications as a package after completion of the Ocean Reef FSC.  With your one diploma from the IDM and Communication training you can obtain from PADI:

  • Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Mask Instructor
  • Ocean Reef Underwater Communication Instructor
  • Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Mask and Underwater Communication Instructor (for combined classes)

    To earn these certifications you must submit THREE (3) applications to PADI (one for each Instructor certification) but you only need to pay for ONE certification.

     In addition, PADI Instructors who have completed 25 dives with their IDM can also "self-certify" for the PADI generic Full Face Mask Instructor certification.  You will need to pay PADI fees for this certification.  Through this special arrangement with PADI you can receive 4 teaching certifications from PADI while only paying for two.