The nature of diving masks is changing and the changes are all to the benefit of the diver. The newest, and neatest mask currently available for divers is the Integrated Dive Mask (IDM).  Many confuse the IDM with a full-face mask but they are different.

     The full-face mask combines vision (the mask) with breathing (the regulator) into one device.  The IDM, on the other hand, "integrates" these as well as additional components such as lighting, wireless communication, a water bottle and a "heads-up" display of vital tank and dive information.  The industry leader in IDMs is Ocean Reef. 

     There are several advantages to diving with an IDM. These are:

  1. The mask does not fog-up because air is constantly circulating across the inside of the mask.
  2. You can breathe from either your nose or mouth. You no longer are stuck breathing only through your mouth but can breathe underwater just as you primarily do on land--through your nose.
   Ocean Reef G-Diver Mask

   Ocean Reef G-Diver Mask

   3.  If water does get into the mask it will easily be removed through the purge valve located on the bottom of the mask     when you exhale.  You also can push the purge button on the front of the mask to flush a full mask of water in about    1-2 seconds.

   4.  With six adjustable straps the mask fits securely but comfortably on your face.

   5.  Should you become unconscious while diving the IDM will continue to supply air which will keep you from drowning.  You will not have to worry about your second stage falling out of your mouth.

     Training in how to dive with an IDM can be completed in as short as 1 hour but you need to allow a few dives to practice donning and removing the mask underwater, adjusting the air flow, etc.  But after one or two dives you will quickly learn the advantages of using an IDM.  I was "hooked" within 30 minutes of diving.  If you are interested in learning more about the IDM please feel free to contact me.

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