Ocean Reef offers special Instructor packages for those who complete the Ocean Reef Factory Sponsored Course. These special instructor packages are offered at a substantial savings because Ocean Reef believes that the best way for divers to become familiar with their masks is to see their Instructors using them. Below is the description of the Neptune Space G-Divers Package.

If you don't have an IDM but want to take the course you can rent an Ocean Reef IDM from PuntoSub for $25 per day.  If, while going through the FSC or upon completion you decide to purchase an IDM from PuntoSub then PuntoSub will apply 100% of your mask rental fees toward your purchase.  Please note that the purchase MUST be completed in Mexico and you should plan on paying with US dollars.  We are unable to accept credit cards for such purchases although we can accept PayPal.

Neptune Space G-Divers Package--$599

Neptune Space G-Divers Integrated Dive Mask

GSM Underwater Communication Unit (for talking and listening)

M101A Listening Unit

This package has a retail price of $1,593 but we are offering it for Instructors who complete the course for $599.00 plus VAT.  This is a one-time offer and the mask must be used for personal /professional use and cannot be resold when new.  In addition, you will receive a rebate certificate good for any Ocean Reef purchase (include the Neptune Space G-Divers  Package) at Punta Sub for $100.  Do you want a different mask or accessories?  No problem.  We will begin with the cost of the Neptune Space G-Diver Package and then add to that the cost for the changes you want.