The Target Student

     Nothing is more frustrating than having spent $500 to $1,000 (or more) on a camera, underwater housing, tray, lights, arms and strobes and then discover that your photos all look like the "As shot" images shown on this web site.  ScubaBob has been there and done that.  We have experience teaching beginning and intermediate photographers how to capture and enhance their photos so they will have images that they will be proud to share. We begin with the basis and advance at a pace that allows all students to learn without the pressure to "keep up" with other students.

     Our sessions are always kept to a "small group" size so that the ratio of instructors to students is kept low. We are at your location to help your divers become better photographers.  There is no greater reward for both as there is when the student leaves with photographs that they are proud to share and call their own.  That's our goal.  Are you ready to join and learn?